We are doing research and development of exploitation of an extensive possibility about a hydraulic press.


We contribute to society through good products

Since the establishment of SANKI SEIKO in 1978, engineering process has been the key to explore the wide possibilities of the hydraulic press of Sanki Seiko.

Over the years, we have developed a number of press – reversing type die spotting presses, trimming presses, molding presses, hemming presses and hot presses and supplied them to a wide range of fields. We are very grateful to our customers for giving us great support and encouragement all the time.

We will continue to work hard toward a further building and proposing innovative technology and to meet the market needs in every detail. We appreciate your high expectations of Sanki Seiko, because we always welcome new challenges.

Representative director Katsuhiro Senba


  • ProductProduct Manufacturing can be compared to a marathon without goal
  • Technical developmentTechnical development Production goods which support production goods
  • ProductionProduction Highly effective network
  • As is often said, a lot of parts which compose a product themselves are results of fine knowledge and condensation of technologies. We would like to supply each of our products like the press for finishing molds, the press for production, the press for general production etc. with our heart of manufacturing.

  • Highly accurate production facilities are indispensable for development of products which fit the market needs. We try to operate the production facilities in a sophisticated way based on the flow of information which is controlled collectively through design, processing and assembly.

  • Related sections which conduct each operation from accepting orders to completion and delivery are connected on line. Such highly efficient network is the base of confidence.


Company Profile

Company Name SANKI SEIKO CO.,LTD. Company Profile
President Katsuhiro Semba
Location Head office/Factory
890-4, Agata-cho, Ashikaga-City,
Tochigi Prefecture 326-0328 Japan
TEL. (0284)72-2002
FAX. (0284)72-2070
Establishment November 1, 1978
Capital 39,000,000 yen
Main products Reversing type die spotting press, die spotting press, Tryout Press, Trimming Press, molding press, Hemming Press, hot press, high-speed deep drawing press
Bank Ashikaga Minami branch office of The Ashikaga Bank, Ltd., Ashikaga branch office of Mizuho Bank , Ltd.
Employees 41 male and 4 female, 45 in total (as of October 2019)


Branch office

Nagoya office

Pauze Fujigaoka 105, 2-120, Moritaka Higashi, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya City 463-0033 Japan