Product Information

CFR | Tryout PressCFR-1512-200FG

Basic Information

CFR-1512-200FG | Tryout Press

Primary Purpose For carbon fiber reinforced plastic casts
Pressurization Function(kN) 2,000
Table Size(mm) Breadth:1,500   Depth:1,200
Day Lights(mm) 1,200
Stroke(mm) 900
Maximum metal die weight(TON) 5
Upper mold weight(TON) 2.5

Special accessories (options)

●Servo-drive type thermoforming specification

●Die-lifter device

A device with built-in roller in the table which can be moved up and down so that metal die exchange can be carried out easily.

●Die-clamp device

A device which automatically fixes the metal die in place. Eliminates the labor of fastening the metal die, and prevents accidents caused by forgetting to fasten.

●Touch panel

The touch panel on the control panel enables various press controls through touch operation including pressure display and slide position control.

●Desorption type pre-roller

A device which enables a pre-roller to be placed on a specialized stand and the metal die to be exchanged easily.

●Heater circuit

Heater circuit for thermoforming. Based on the customer's specifications, decide the number of circuits and perform temperature control.

●Type of product setting program

A program which records the manufacturing data of each type of product, in order to facilitate efficient manufacture. Can be called from touch panel.

●Data logging function for recording

Records the press operation status such as pressure, speed, and temperature at time of casting. Brings into action an analysis of casting conditions.

●Vacuum device

A device which makes the inside of a metal die into a vacuum at the time of casting and degasses gas/bubbles inside resin.


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