Product Information

SDP | Reversing Type Die Spotting PressSDP-1612-200

Basic Information

SDP-1612-200 | Reversing Type Die Spotting Press

Primary Purpose Die matching of plastic/die-casting mold
Pressurization Function(kN) 2,000
Table Size(mm) Breadth:1,600   Depth:1,200
Day Lights(mm) 1,350
Stroke(mm) 1,170
Maximum metal die weight(TON) 8
Upper mold weight(TON) 4

Special accessories (options)

●Light beam form safety device

By installing sensors on the front and back side of the press, prevents accidents caused by carelessness and mistakes.

●Floor specifications

Specification improved such that the press can be placed directly onto the floor without foundation construction.

●Safety railing (with safety plug)

for finishing molds product catalog download(PDF)

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