Product Information

SHE | Hemming PressSHE-2221-160TM

Basic Information

SHE-2221-160TM | Hemming Press

Primary Purpose For automobile parts hemming production
Pressurization Function(kN) 1,600
Table Size(mm) Breadth:2,200   Depth:2,100
Day Lights(mm) 1,600
Stroke(mm) 850

Special accessories (options)

●Type 2 die-change specification

●Table moving device

A device to efficiently carry out metal die exchange by the lower table moving from the press main unit to the exterior.

●Die-clamp device

A device which automatically fixes the metal die in place. Eliminates the labor of fastening the metal die, and prevents accidents caused by forgetting to fasten.

●Loader and unloader device

A device which automatically controls insertion and removal of products via sensors.

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