Product Information

STR | Tryout PressSTR-1812-300G

Basic Information

STR-1812-300G | Tryout Press

Primary Purpose For die matching of press mold and tryout
Pressurization Function(kN) 3,000
Table Size(mm) Breadth:1,800   Depth:1,200
Day Lights(mm) 1,200
Stroke(mm) 900
Maximum metal die weight(TON) 3
Upper mold weight(TON) 2

Special accessories (options)

●Touch panel

The touch panel on the control panel enables various press controls through touch operation including pressure display and slide position control.

●Balance descent device

A circuit which enables production of an almost no-load state through hydraulics and die matching via soft touch. Brings into action the finishing manufacturing process, etc.

for finishing molds product catalog download(PDF)

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