Product Information

STS | Trimming PressSTS-1512-800MN

Basic Information

STS-1512-800MN | Trimming Press

Primary Purpose For large scale metal production
Pressurization Function(kN) 8,000
Table Size(mm) Breadth:1,500   Depth:1,200
Day Lights(mm) 1,780
Stroke(mm) 550
Maximum metal die weight(TON) 13
Upper mold weight(TON) 5

Special accessories (options)

●Die-lifter device

A device with built-in roller in the table which can be moved up and down so that metal die exchange can be carried out easily.

●Touch panel

The touch panel on the control panel enables various press controls through touch operation including pressure display and slide position control.

●Knock-out device

A device which supports product ejection by attachment of a specialized cylinder.

●Side-pressurization device

A device with a cylinder attached both the left and right sides, and which is controlled so that the metal die can not only be pushed up and down but in other directions from the side.

●Table moving device

A device to efficiently carry out metal die exchange by the lower table moving from the press main unit to the exterior.


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